Finally in the box

I’ve been working so hard lately, but now the holiday might begin: Soraya has a second home and a new box! I need to explain the whole process to make you understand why I’m so happy today! It’s been weeks of work to be able to realize a brand new stable in our own garden….

About having too many projects

I am one of these people with a very creative mind… And creative minds lead to many ideas, which easily lead to many new projects! But having too many projects at the same time leads to nothing at all… In this unusual period while not owning my own horse I´ve been exploring the non-horse world….

A new (old) way to clean the box

I’m so lucky to have neighbors with horses in Averøy. Every time I go back home I end up in the stable! This time I had a new learning experience. My friend has begun to leave a “mattress” in each box. She learned this old technique from some horse men where she grew up.They actually…