About me

I am a Norwegian woman that has lived in Piedmont, Italy since 2008. After being involved in the Italian equestrian life and building a large net of contacts, I want to share it all with you.

I live in Lanzo with my husband Luca, my son Leonard and all our animals. Our garden is populated with dogs and a black cat. Lanzo is a medieval town outside Turin, the former capital of Italy. Valli di Lanzo is “the forgotten valley” in the Italian alps, and I think it´s time it gets famous again!

My background

I have background as a teacher with a lifelong experience on horseback. In Italy I took the exam as a horse guide (accompagniatore di turismo equestre). I´ve also taken a one year course in jumping and dressage in a Norwegian “folkehøgskole”. If you like to learn more about my freelance actvity, please click here.

I also used to do long trail rides in Australia during my two years stay over there. In Italy I found the amazing world of Western riding, and I´ve learned a lot thanks to many different riding schools in the area.