Autumn, writing and goodbye

I´ve decided to change the style of my blog. As you can see, I´ve added a photo from the mountain of Valli di Lanzo on the front page. Piedmont is so much about the Alps..

Pumpkin risotto

It is autumn, and Christmas holiday is not far away. The Erasmus+ students that came to do a two weeks stage have just left, and I feel a bit lonely! This time I was lucky enough to welcome 8 chefs and waiters from Norway. After having a lot of program and trips planned, it´s hard to get back into the normal daily routine.

So I decided to make a pumpkin risotto and serve it directly into the pumpkin. That was really decorative and tasty at the same time!

New horse shoes

Today I went to try the new horse boots on and I took a small ride in the forest. Moon is still very sensitive on the back legs, so we took it easy.

Sometimes when she wants to run I wonder if she will listen to me, but luckily she does!  She even kept the trot in a field where we always canter.

After many days of rain I will go out to remove some leaves from the driveway. It´s the season for gardening again, but in another way than during the summer. I´m now looking forward to the annual horse show in Verona. Next Saturday there is a bus leaving around 5.30 in the morning, and we´ll have the whole day to look at amazing horses and horse products. I´ll keep my eyes open for Paint horses!


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