A small adventure in the mountain

Since I´ve finally got new wheels on my horse trailer, I thought it was time to test it in the mountain. So just a normal Friday morning I loaded the trailer with Moon, the car with Dakota and the saddle, and off we went!

It all happened before I decided to paint the trailer red. Sometimes I get new brilliant ideas, and now I have a new trailer! But back to the story; my little car managed to pull my big horse up in the mountain, and we went from Ceres to Chialamberto. I was quite nervous about going to a new place all by myself, only with Dakota and Moon as my company.


My satisfied face after reaching Chialamberto in time…

I had to be back in time to pick up my son at school, so I decided to ride until one o`clock and then head back. (Am I the only mother riding around in the mountain all by myself??) I just managed to reach the little village called Chialamberto before the time ran out, and we did about 15 km all together. By trotting, walking and cantering we came back in time.

The only scary moment happened while cantering over a small field. The grass was long, and I didn´t realize that there was a small water line in the middle of it. The hole was just big enough for breaking a horse´s leg, but I yelled out and Moon jumped over it.

So what we did learn on this adventure is: never canter or gallop in an unknown field! And if something like this happens, just make the horse go forward, don´t try to avoid it.


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