Ride and eat in Barbania

Hello all, I`m finally back writing again! This lovely ride in Barbania made me want to share some more of my riding experiences with you.

Since I have a horse trailer I can go wherever I want. After months of typical Italian bureaucracy I am also able to registrate my travel online before taking off. This is a part of the Italian law, and I´m afraid a lot of horseowners are not able to get through in this very complicated system. 


Walter and James that organised the horse group.


I left the riding school around 8.30 on Sunday morning, and headed out for a very special event. They call it “walk and eat” and it´s basically made up of groups walking from a   food station to another. Me, Ketty and Walter went there from L`Erica horse school, and we met up with Beppe, a local man on horseback. It took me only 20 minutes to go to this beautiful flat area for horse riding.


Walter, Beppe, Ketty, me and Piero


Unfortunately we were late and had to skip the first stations; one with breakfast and one for honey tasting. But finally we reached the station where they made some typical Italian buiscuits; le ofele. The only problem was to tie up the horses, since nobody had thought about that. So we left early and went to the next station with sandwiches and softdrinks. I managed to gallop on the field on the way, so Moon got a bit more satisfied before the break!


Ketty on her big and friendly trotter horse tasting cheese.


Then it was time for some local cheese and wine, and I must say it was really tasty! Eating freshly made cheese and drinking some prosecco on horseback is really to recommend! Here we got joined by another rider called Piero. He is a natural horseman and came running after us on his quarter horse.


Moon waiting patiently while I´m finishing my biscuits and drink.

Unfortunately we had an accident among us while eating the typical pasta called “agnolotti”. Walter fell on the ground while his horse bumped into him since he was stuck under a tree. Luckily Giovanni was coming by car, so he could ride the horse back to the starting point while Walter went to the hospital. He had the shoulder out of joint.


Eating pasta before the terrible accident…

Then the rest of us headed out for the last stop, the second dish. It was made up of some very tasty meat and potatoes. It was actually pig meat that I normally never eat! Then we went back towards the horse trailers, and Moon got a bit excited. But she was behaving very well.


The historic point

After passing the historic tower of Barbania we arrived in a cafè and met some of the locals. The horse were so tired that we didn´t even bother to tie them up. They just waited for us just like in a real western movie..


The tired riders and their horses

A lovey day in a totally new place and a ride in a new way.





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