Many tourists…

My blog activity has been quite low lately, since I´ve been rather busy with other activities lately, like horse riding and guiding tourists to the restaurant.

My horse trailer has been repaired and I will finally be able to bring Moon around on my own. Last weekend we visited the American horse saloon in Cremona, and I found a lot of useful stuff!

Tomorrow we´re going to the horse festival in San Francesco. There will be around 50 horses that are going for a 3 hour ride. We´ll get breakfast, lunch and an afternoon meal during the day. So curious to see how my horse will behave in the middle of so many horses!

This is meanth to be a test before the real trekking in the end of June.

I am actually going back to Pontechianale, but this time it takes only 3 days. We will leave from Barge, which is one of the places we rode trough last time. In this way I will rediscover the most beautiful part of the ride and maybe even be able to go all the way to the famous mountain Monviso. But this is still to be set up.

Moon ready for the summer activities!

I am trying to ride as much as possible to make Moon ready for the tour. I have no idèa how her body will adapt to such a long trip, but at the moment she seems to be in good shape. She is very different from Soraya, and has a faster walk.

I will probably make a blog post about my trekking, so please follow me until the end. Remember that you can visit our riding school by this link: if you like to go riding with me in the future!

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