Trondheim- the nicest city in Norway?

After spending three days in Trondheim, I’d like to say that this is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Norway.

Tree houses by the river

After spending years in Italy, I’ve forgotten how clean and well organized everything looks in a Norwegian big city. No garbage and no loud people. Even the dogs are clean, pure breeds and well behaving!

Everything is so nice that it almost looks fake! But I’ve also seen a couple of beggars sitting on the side of the road. That means that life isn’t perfect neither in a town like this.

Sitting in the sun in Bakklandet

The most beautiful thing are the wooden houses that you’ll find along the river. They are small, cosy and colorful. Then you have the old cathedral called Nidarosdomen and many other interesting buildings in the town center.

An old car in front of wooden houses

After my long walk to Kristiansten fortress on the top of a hill, I stopped for a sweet chili coffee under the sun in Bakklandet. That was a strange drink! Really strong and had nothing to do with Italian coffee!


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  1. What a sunny and calm norwegian experience you had.


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