Balon of Turin

Since I’m on my way to fly, it’s the perfect moment to tell you a story about Balon. It’s a historic place in Turin.

The sign outside the shop

The name comes from hot air balloons that came flying in from different locations in the Alps. As you might know, Turin is probably the only big city that is surrounded by those amazing mountains.


The rich people came flying to the biggest market place in town: Porta Palazzo, which is still the biggest outdoor market in Europe. They brought a lot of money, and this is why the area of antiques has still got the name Balon.

The nice lady that showed us around 

You’ll find these huge antique stores in the narrow streets behind the big market. I was so lucky to explore this interesting area with my Italian teacher and two Norwegian Erasmus+ students. My friend Tina has a close friend that’s working in the biggest antique shop.


You can find everything that you want inside this three floor shop. I’ Never seen so many beautiful antiques in my life! It’s definitely a place to go treasure hunting…

During the weekend you’ll also find exposure of antiques in the streets.

Afterwards we took a short walk to a beautiful church and a bar were they invented the typical drink of Turin; il Bicerin. It’s quite expensive but worth a try!

Now I need to jump in the airplane to Norway. It’s my time to fly, though in a more modern and less exciting way!

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  1. I would love to visit Turin!


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