Ride to a restaurant!


Lately I’ve been bringing people from all over the world to a local restaurant on horseback.

Arrived at Mo Mangio!

From the moment that I put my tour on Airbnb I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting and funny people. The first couple was Polish but lived in France. The second guests were an Italian couple from Milano and an Irish woman from Switzerland. My last guest was a Brazilian girl, as well as two Norwegian students and a man from Parma.

One of the many trails

Most of them were new to horse riding but they learned fast! I’ve had some really nice conversations with all of them, and four are vegetarians. If you love being with animals I guess that being vegetarian is simply a natural choice.

View of the Alps

New things happening

Lately two new things happened at the equestrian center: Moon has finally got her own paddock with a roof, and she seems really happy!

Moon taking a nap under the sun

Then Elisea finally arrived from Puglia. She is a beautiful Murgese that is going to live in Mathi for the rest of her life! She is all ready getting used to the environment while she is playing around with the dogs and eating some grass.

Elisea – black beauty!

Next week I’m going to Norway. It’s just crazy to think about that they just had snow while we are having only warm and sunny weather!

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