The big gathering of horses in San Pietro!


Last Sunday was cold and cloudy, but that didn’t stop the horse riders of the area. Our goal was the church of San Pietro Coassolo..

Passing the Madonna of Fua

For the first time in history (at least during my life in Lanzo) the priest of San Pietro was going to bless tractors, horses and dogs. My friend Lisa organized a big lunch at her stables afterwards.

Waiting for our friends by the road

We were riders from Mathi, Cafasse, Balangero, Corio, Oviglia and Fua that all came together along the way.

Luca had finally teached his horse to cross the river, and she behaved very well in the middle of the caos! There were wolf dogs everywhere as well as horses and people.

The crazy pony

While I was inside the church building drinking some red wine, one of the ponies ran off in the middle of the street. One of my friends managed to stop the pony before she reached the crowd of people and dogs.


Earlier the same morning the same pony decided to have a nice roll in the grass.. She had obviously forgotten that her owner was sitting on her back, and  squeezed her foot while she tried to get off her.

Even if the girl was hurt in the leg, she kept riding until lunchtime! Luckily our friend is a strong bricklayer that managed to lift her up and throw her back on the little fury horse!


The day after I had lost my voice after the chilly ride in the hills. But it was such a nice experience to meet all the riders on my way to the church. We had great fun!


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