The orange carnival in Ivrea

Throwing oranges is a big thing in the beautiful town called Ivrea. Every year there are thousands of inhabitants ready for the orange fight!

In the middle of the flying fruit you’ll meet hundreds of horses, either ridden by people in different costumes or pulling wagons filled with oranges.

It was really impressive to see all those huge horses mixing themselves with the crowd. And to see how they managed to get hit by the oranges (they’re like rocks!) without running off. One girl got hit in the eye even if she was standing behind the security net. We all needed to by a red clothing to avoid being hit by the oranges.

Street shop selling red hats

We were so lucky to have been invited to our friends that live over the square in Ivrea. It was really fantastic eating a great lunch and also watch the parade from their balcony. I felt like a queen for the moment!

It was a great experience to visit this crazy carnival for my first time. I will probably go back next year, and then it might become a yearly tradition?

Some history

The history behind it all is about a woman that saved her town from the terrible tyranny. She managed to cut the head off the mean leader during the night, and then she showed it to the population. The orange is now the symbol of the head that got cut off, and every year they show off a new woman. She is called “la Mugnaia” and is always rich and beautiful!

La mugnaia in the wagon 

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