Did they see a wolf?

I would like to tell you a story that happened some time ago… My family and some friends decided to go for a walk in the valley of Lanzo. We chose a trail made by CAI that goes from Mezzenile to the church called Cappella Consolata.


It was a rather steep trail that followed the old mule track into the forest. Me and the dogs went ahead, since the others were quite slow! I was the only one that reached the beautiful church on the top, so I made some photos and went back to my friends.

When we met, they asked if my dog had been running loose in the forest. I told them that she had been on a leash all the time. Then they told me that they had seen an animal running down the hill, escaping from them. It looked exactly like a wolf!

Following the mule track

There is a new Era of wolfs running around in the valleys of Lanzo, and they´ve been observed (and even killed) quite close to Lanzo. Some time ago they found the head of a wolf put on a stick close to the road of Germagnano. There was a big investigation to find the killer, but with no results. If these noble animals meet you in the nature, they will escape for sure, so nobody should be scared of walking alone. Anyway, I´m not feeling as secure as I did some time ago…

Another friend of mine has seen a wolf walking slowly away from his horse while he was riding in the forest near Mathi. It was so close to him that he could tell for sure that it wasn´t a stray dog. Another friend lost two sheep that was grazing close to their house in Balangero. A donkey was killed further up in the valley.

Maybe I should start to offer Wolf Watching from horseback??

I think it´s great that we are getting the wild animals back into the valley, but we should also learn more about them. It´s important to know that they will not attack people that are walking in the mountain. Instead the hunters are telling people to not go out in the evenings. That is they reason why people get scared and start to hate the poor wolfs. It´s better to protect the farm animals with secure fences and keep them inside at night.

I am personally more scared of meeting a wild pig than a wolf! And they causes much more damage in the nature as well, by digging up entire fields of green grass.

I just heared another story about a female woolf that was killed by a wild pig in the area. This is nature, and this is how it should be! But the opposite thing would have been better for the farmers…

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