The second blessing in Balangero


Since a group from the equestrian center L’Erica wanted to go to the blessing of horses, dogs and tractors in Balangero, I decided to participate as well. Another blessing will only do good I guess!

Our small group on their way!

The trails were a bit icy at the moment, so I had to jump off the horse to get down the road without sliding too much. We walked slowly towards the church, about 2 km from L’Erica. On the way we met Andrea and Cherry that came galloping down the fields in their relaxed way.

Once we arrived I «parked» in the middle of the confusion. My husband came to see us by car, since his horse is not ready for these adventures yet..

Andrea, Robbie and Luca

There were trolleys with kids, dogs running loose, dogs on the lash (those from the training group), horses from many areas, tractors and curious people walking around.

In front of the school with Moon

In these cases I’m so glad to have such a quiet and well trained horse as Moon. She only gets angry if other horses passes too close behind her or tries to kiss her! I believe she prefers to stay with humans.

We decided to take another way back, with less ice on the road. It’s an old mule track that brings you above town in few minutes. From there you’ll ride in the middle of green fields and you might go to visit the solar panels in the hill.

After returning Moon to her paddock I went to visit Lisa in the other valley. She arranged a huge aperitivo for horse friends in her garage next to the stable. It was a freezing cold day, but some red wine and the local liqueur called «Genepi» made me warm on the inside! And so did the nice atmosphere with old friends..

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