Horses being blessed in Mathi

Every year in every little town there is the blessing of tractors and horses.. This Sunday we were the chosen ones!

The priest coming out of the church 

At 10.30 a group of horses and a foal went from L’erica equestrian center to the church to get a blessing from the priest. This is a usual tradition in Italy. Catholic people are really into rituals!

I was a bit nervous this morning since it was the first time I was riding Moon to such a big event of horses and people.

Me and Moon

But it was useless to worry up front, since she behaved perfectly all the way. She stood still in the sunshine waiting for a piece of the blessed bread!

Horse and tractor 

I have been busy lately with a big change in my life. I had to take one of the hardest decisions in my life; keep Soraya or Moon? In the end I decided to give Moon a new chance in her life and I sold Soraya to a nice lady that will probably go trekking with me!

A horse carriage arriving at the blessing 

I do miss Soraya for her relaxed gallopp over the fields and her beautiful mane and stunning colours… I will probably miss her for the rest of my life! But I just couldn’t let go off Moon, which is a horse that has been in my heart for so long.

I still need to make her gallopp a bit slower in the fields, but I’m sure she will learn to slow down a bit.. She also needs to put on a lot of weight and get her hoofs adjusted.

But she is a special horse that needs to live a quiet life. Now she doesn’t need to go barrel racing any more, only have fun with me. Let’s hope that the blessing will make her get back in a great shape!

On the way back

After leaving the horses in their paddocks, we all went to have lunchIn a restaurant. The food wasn’t good at all and we finished eating/waiting at 4 o’clock!



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