Wonderful hosts and food at the Cottino farmhouse!

Last Saturday I arranged a trekking to Cottino farmhouse near Rocca. We were 6 riders from Balangero, Mathi, Benne and Cafasse that wanted to share an unforgettable lunch.

Just arrived at the farmhouse!

The weather was just perfect, but the roads were covered with ice some places. In this case we all had to make the horses walk slowly, and nobody slipped. The road from the equestrian center to the farmhouse is really safe and easy, since we only follow a road into the forest where there are no cars.

Last trekking with Soraya?

This might have been the last trekking I did with Soraya, since I´ve got Moon as a gift for Christmas! My husband has bought a new horse for barrel racing, and I am trying to make Moon put on some more weight and muscles again. She will need all my love and attention for the next months. This means that I´ve taken the very difficult decision to sell Soraya, since keeping three horses is just a bit too much.

Barefoot horse

I have already taken off the horse shoes on the back legs of Moon, and my goal is to make her became a barefoot horse as well. I don´t listen to those who says that thoroughbreds don´t have strong hoofs. It all depends on the way you treat them and how patient you are in the beginning…

But except from the sad thoughts about Soraya I managed to enjoy my lunch with the rest of the funny group. They served a wonderful plate of homemade goat cheese and salami. Afterwards we got two different types of appetizers before they served the lasagne. After the dessert I had problems to get back on the horse! Luckily I was riding Soraya and not Moon! (The difference of height is quite a lot…)

The appetizers straight from the farm!

After the nice lunch I went back to the equestrian center and the others went to their homes. The horses behaved very well, except from two of them that actually had been laying down in the mud with the saddles on! They probably thought it was time to get a nice rest while we were having fun inside! The poor owners had to wash of the mud before getting back in the saddle:)


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