How I got knocked out by the flu!

This is the period of the year when everybody get sick! All the members of my family have been sick, and I´m the last one trying to cope with a terrible flu…

After more than a week of pain in the body, a soar throat, lack of voice and headache I could not resist any longer. I went to the doctor and got some pills! Every year I do the same mistake; I wait until it´s almost gone by itself and then I go to the doctor. It would make more sense to go immediately and get over with it!

What happens to the horse?

My biggest worry when I get sick, is my horse. I want her to continue to get some exercise, but I don’t want anybody else to touch her. So this means that I need to go out there in the cold and make her run on a lead or in the riding ground with me waving the whip! She is just too lazy to run by herself….

But she is very energetic, and looks even happy about me making her run around! The funny thin with my Haflinger during winter time, is that she is not getting a thick coat, she just change the colors! I guess she is not having problems with the cold! She goes from a light Palomino color evenly divided all over, to become dark red on the back and white under the belly!

A picture from last year when we had some snow!
Palomino summer coat!

I wish I could just change colors myself and stay as healthy as Soraya during the cold winter months! But as a human being, I guess I just need to cover myself up in warm clothes and keep fighting the flu. I hope to get well before Christmas, since we are planning to go skiing in France! They have also opened the ski slopes at Usseglio in the valley of Lanzo. It´s a nice and family friendly place to spend a whole day or more in the white snow. Probably we will visit during the holidays!

So to all out there with the flu: Keep strong and just wait for it to pass! Stay inside and drink a lot of tea with honey and watch Netflix! That´s exactly what I do to survive…

If your horse also gets a holiday, it´s not a big problem! It will get in shape with you, as soon as you get back on your feet. Start out slowly with some nice walks in the forest, and you´ll realize that your horse will have just as much saved up energy as yourself. You´ll find yourselves galloping faster than ever before!

Maybe you´ll go this fast when the summer comes back?

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