Some Christmas magic in Lanzo…

The first Saturday of December you’ll find this beautiful Christmas market in the little town of Lanzo.

Piazza Gallenga

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to visit, since my son had to reach a birthday party. But he did get time for a short ride on a donkey!

A bit lazy!

There were 5 lovely donkeys  in service for the kids, and they had such a long winter coat! Just like teddy bears.. I love donkeys and would love to keep one for my son…

Bringing an aperitif to their friends!

After the short ride we walked to piazza Gallenga to have a look at all the homemade and gastronomic products sold by the locals.

Lanzo is a community that knows how to make things happen. A lot of local artists are partecipating in many events in this town, and of course today was not an exception!

Art for sale

Also the lovely lady in the bakery on the corner had a great stand. She makes pasta in the back of the shop and sells homemade cookies, local cheese and honey.

The bakery stand

After a way too fast walk we reached the famous bar Turcet where we met some friends. Just finishing the cappuccino we had to go away to reach the party in time.

Just as fast as we got into the Christmas magic, we got out of it!

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