A challenging trip to the sanctuary of St. Ignazio!


Last Saturday me and my friends organized a trip on horseback to the sanctuary of St. Ignazio over Lanzo.

Foggy weather

I brought Soraya from Mathi to Lanzo by car, and I’m almost getting used to handle the horse trailer by now. But parking it in our garden was a bit difficult and I had to let my husband help me!

After a rather tricky parking we started out by crossing the little town of Lanzo. Soraya was a bit nervous since I had taken her away from her breakfast and put her into the trailer so early in the morning…

Into the wild!

After getting nervous in the narrow streets with fast driving cars and trailers, the three horses finally reached the river. From here we could follow the more quiet trail. Italian drivers are seldom slowing down the speed, even if they meet horses on the road!

In the steepest and most critical point of the track we met three bikers coming towards us. Normally Soraya doesn’t care about bikes, but the first guy was dressed in black and wore a black mask and helmet as well!

A mountain monster?

Soraya was probably thinking that he was a monster and jumped towards the steep part on the edge of the trail. Luckily she had enough brain to not jump down the hill, and turned elegantly in the opposite direction. After jumping into her friend Tempesta, she gallopped over a big stone and finally I managed to stop her by turning her to the left behind the last horse!

Afterwards I was quite shaky and decided that this was the last time I’ll do such a challenging trail in the cold, wet and foggy weather.

Totally frozen we reached the cafe on the top. The nice owner let us eat the food we’ve brought along inside the cafe! She is a really nice lady with a place full of cats.

Robbie and Eduardo after having lunch

The poor horses had to wait outside in the foggy weather… only cats are allowed inside!


But the challenge was not over. Except from trying to not freeze too much, we also explored the other trails in the area while we were in the area. We couldn’t make the horses get down to Germagnano on the other side, since it was too steep and slippy. The trail was made up of flat stones!

Sun and blue sky above us

So instead we decided to explore the old mines on the same side as we came up. The old mines was a nice place to visit, but really destroyed and forgotten.

You could still see some of the old railway, almost like in an American ghost town!

In front of the mining area

Afterwards we followed the new road into the forest and we had to get around several trees that had fallen down during the last storm.


Soraya slided on a flat stone while crossing a small creek, but luckily I wasn’t riding her so she managed to not fall down.

We actually had to walk by feet half way down because of the steep and slippy trail.

When I finally reached home I went straight to the equestrian center. After taking Soraya out of the trailer, I decided to put her into a warm and cosy box for the evening… especially since I ruined her breakfast in the morning!

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