Cioccolatò 2018 in Torino and truffle season!

Cioccolatò 2018 is an annual chocolate festival that takes place in the center of Turin during autumn time. I am a bit late writing about it, but I just want to share my experience about chocolate and truffles this year.

We passed by the chocolate festival a late Sunday afternoon. It was cold and rainy, but we just wanted to take a fast walk to see it all before dinner. The fast walk became quite long, since the festival fills up the main shopping street “via Roma” and goes from the Castle square to San Carlo square.

People with umbrellas in the Castle square

Most of the stands are quite similar, and you can find all sorts of chocolate, even more than you can imagine! Chocolate fondue with fruits, hot chocolate, artistic chocolate and souvernirs.

I just bought a small bag of some really tasty chocolate to bring back home since I´m a chocoholic!

That night we had a family dinner in Turin by the cousin of my husband. We had to celebrate 3 birthdays, whereby our great grandmother “Nonnabis” had just reached 99 years!

Truffle party!

Some weeks later we celebrated the birthday of the father of my friend. He has reached 84 years despite a lot of illnesses, so he brought some white truffles from the Langhe region to celebrate it. These truffles are the world’s most sought after truffles, and just a small taste of them on top of the pasta might cost you at least 60 euros! We started out with an nice aperitif with local products like salami and cheese.

Truffles on the wooden plate


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