Taking the “Equestrian tourism tour leader certificate”

During the last two weekends I´ve been really busy taking the “Equestrian tourism tour leader certificate” given by the association A.C.E


The exam in the riding ground

It´s been a great and educational experiense and I even got used to stay out all day in  the cold weather! We spent a lot of time in the riding ground of the equestrian center “Il grande ranch“, while getting lessons from some very experienced riding instructors. Most of them do English classic style horseriding, but many issues are quite similar to Western riding. The anatomy of the horse is still the same!

We learned everything about how to take prepare and care of clients that want to go for a ride in the nature. We did a first aid course and studied a lot about the horse`s skeletal, movements, hoofs and muscles.

We also took a cartography course and went out for a long ride while following a map. This was a really interesting part of the lessons, since learning how to find your way home is important for surviving in the wilderness! I find it interesting to study maps of the territory to find new tracks that might have been forgotten for decades.

We were all together 11 tour leaders and 4 riding instructors in the course. In this way we actually learned a lot about working the horses in the riding ground. Soraya traveled with me since I´ve finally bought a horse trailer, and she has been just amazing!

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