Autumn colours and a heavy rainfall

The latest two weeks we´ve had a lot of rain. Even a syclone went through the valley of Lanzo a bit more than a week ago!

The first sight of the sun!

Luckily the horses were inside the stable while the heavy wind passed through. I was actually going for a walk in town with my dog, when I heared the wind in the valley under me. I turned back to the car, and then it arrived! The car actually jumped up from the ground! Many huge pine trees and other trees fell down, both over streets, houses and cars.

A lot of people in Italy got killed during this Monday night, firstly because of the trees falling down. One of the huge pinetrees in the park fell over a car that was parked  in front of the cafè, and hit a young man in the head. He is still in a coma.

Many big yachts and other boats got washed up on the shore in Liguria, and even some roofs flew off the houses. It was quite similar to the storms that often arrive in the island where I grew up. But we are used to them coming, and we don´t keep the trees so close to the houses.

This is so unusual for this area, that nobody could imagine a strong wind like this up front. Afterwards we´ve got loads of rain, and the water level in the rivers is really high. Even though it´s wet and slippy everywhere, I´ve been taking som rides in the forest. This is the good thing about a barefoot horse. They just don´t slide under any circumstances.


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