Winetasting with the Norwegian group in Monferrato


During the Erasmus+ period we went twice to Monferrato to taste some of the world`s greatest wine.

Me and my colleague Roberto had some fantastic days and adventures with this funny group. We went to visit several vineyards but also an UNESCO heritage site, where we visited some underground cathedrals. This vineyard is called Cascina Contratto, and the guided tour is for free!

Cellars under ground are the main storage place for the wine bottles, since the temperature remains stabile during the whole year.

Underground video show
A part of the museum

We also visited the little town Canale by feet. The road up towards the castle had a stunning view and we could take some pictures of colorful houses.

The garden above Canale

The biological vineyard

We had to visit our friend Marco at Ca´d tantin where they produce biological wine. On the way we saw a big bench that is placed several places in the area as a memory of a local writer. Monferrato is not only wine, but it´s also a beautiful and interesting place to discover by car.

Marco took good care of us two days in a row. The first day with all the group, and the second day we brought the Danish sommelier Signe with us. She really loved the natural taste of this pure wine without chemical substances. The taste is a bit stronger than usual, if you ask me. And much better!

The second day we also visited another vineyard in the neighbourhood. They showed us around and let us taste even more wine… from this point on I couldn´t drink any more!!

A typical wine producer!

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