Erasmus+ in Turin


Some weeks ago I received 6 apprentices for two weeks in Turin. They were both chefs and waiters that came from Norway to learn about Italian food and culture. The Erasmus+ project made this possible.

Me and my colleague Roberto had some fantastic days and adventures with this funny group of young people. We discovered the good food in the valley and in town, as well as the wine of Monferrato.

Typical food in Cerés

Some of the apprentices went to some local restaurants in valli di Lanzo, while others stayed in Turin and Moncalieri. They noticed that Italians are not so concerned about decorating the plates as we are in Norway. But instead of decoration they are serving good homemade food with lots of taste.

Ida showing the chef how to make Norwegian food!

Of course I took them to the Devil’s bridge in Lanzo. They loved walking around in this cosy little town and got invited into the magic room in the back of the bakery.


I also took the group horse riding in Mathi. The most exciting moment was when I had to get the 2 meter tall chef in the saddle of Soraya. The smallest and strongest horse was a perfect choice!


I also had to show them how we sometimes ride to the restaurant. That is an unusual sight in Norway, so the chef called Florian and waitress called Antonia  came to pet them for a moment.

Riding to the restaurant

That day was the day that Florian got to make pizza, and it was really tasty! I also met his Norwegian friend, Jonas, that is living in Canale which is a town in the middle of the vineyards.



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