Animals and their feelings


Many people don’t care about how animals feel. I see this in so many situations. This is why I want to write about the behaviour of my own animals.


Divided animals

I often see dogs in people’s yards here in Italy. Almost everybody keeps guard dogs around us. Most people have more than one, and somebody keeps them even separated. Why is it necessary to keep some of the dogs in different cages, while maybe one is left free in the garden?


My dogs are always together and they play all day long! They actually invent their own games, just like kids! Imagine if I kept them apart… they would be so sad!

Also the horses prefer to stay together. They love to cuddle and groom each other. My horse is a bit too independent, since she actually escape from the fence and remains alone…

Still inside the fence…

Friendship and trust

The main reason I’m writing this article, is because of a situation yesterday. I was going to take my horse out of the paddock , when a tractor came out of the forest.

Soraya got really scared and ran off to the other side of the paddock. The tractor went away, and I started to call her name. Soraya came galloping towards me and didn’t stop until she reached the fence in front of me. It was the first time that a horse actually ran into my arms! I guess that she sees me as a friend she can trust?

When a friend dies

Skipper that died young

Another example of the animal’s feelings is my fish. My son won this little red goldfish in a lottery and I bought him immediately a friend. The only problem is that the other fish became so fat that he died.

When I bought the fat fish, the shop assistant told me that the red fish wouldn’t notice any difference. She actually said that a fish doesn’t need a friend to be happy.

I didn’t believe her, so I bought the fish anyway. But at the same time I kept wondering about her theory… Now that the poor fat fish is dead, the red fish has become rather desperate.

Before he used to swim quietly around with his friend, but now he’s swimming back and forward at a fast speed, while trying to get out of the aquarium!

Even if I hate aquariums, I am seriously thinking about getting him a new friend. If only my son would get convinced about putting the poor fish into his friend’s huge aquarium… there he could get a lot of company!


My conclusion is that if a small goldfish has so string feelings, then what about horses? I guess we all could learn something from the fish!


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