Some very important steps…


Despite of very busy days, I just need to tell you about some big steps in my life…


Lately nobody has heard from me because I’ve been working on a new project. Erasmus+ is about sending students out in the world to get some new work experience.

I’ve been so lucky to take care of six really nice Norwegian students for two weeks. They usually work as chefs or waiters/waitresses, and now they wanted an Italian experience. Two of them worked in the small town near the equestrian center, and I even visited them on horseback.

It’s been two full weeks of interesting young people, food, wine and staying in town! I’ve been working with fantastic people and I cannot believe that the whole thing is ending this Sunday.

Visiting the Devil’s bridge in Lanzo

But hopefully the project will grow, and that we (me and my colleague Roberto) will take care of more students in the future!

A big thanks to all the restaurants that have been involved in the project: Bar Enoteca Spinerano, Mo mangio, Qubi, Grinto and Cibo Container!

A big step

Today I finally went to pick the horse trailer that I’ve been dreaming about for many many years. This is another big step that will give me many new opportunities for discovering Italy on horseback.

The horse trailer

It’s been some crazy busy weeks, but it feels like everything has changed to the better! I am looking forward to a lot of new opportunities, both in town and in the mountains!

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  1. I remember the thrill of my very first horse trailer!!! It really will open up your options and enhance your life :)) :)) Enjoy :)) Dawn


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