Visiting San Domenico by feet

Last Sunday we went to walk in the Alps with two other families and their children. The destination was a small church called Santuario di San Domenico on the mountain top.

The little church and some mountain walkers

We had to drive to Cantoira Fraz. Rù and then follow a nice trail towards the top. It was quite steep, but you only have to walk for 1,5 hours to get there. If you want to walk further, you might reach Bellavarda for a nice view of the Alps. We reached the height of 1777 m over the sea level.

Some fog coming in…

Walking with other families is great, since the children think it´s more a game than a long walk. Actually my son was the first of the group to reach the top! I don´t have to worry about bringing him with me in the mountain anymore.

It´s also nice to be able to do some smalltalk while climbing up the steep trail. The dogs followed the kids everywhere and Dakota had her own backpack!

We didn´t get a sunny day, since the fog came across the mountains in the afternoon. But if you like to walk in the Alps, you might keep yourself prepared for foggy weather.

On the way back I found a water tube next to the trail. Instead of leaving it in the nature as rubbish, I took it with me. Now it´s doing the job as bringing water to the horses in the riding school!

The view towards Cantoira

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