Horses and friendship

Today I want to write about friendship among horses. Some people do not believe that animals have feelings like humans. But they do! Today Soraya showed me this.

Soraya and her friend Macchia

I believe that horses are able to create lifelong friendships and also falling in love. It´s the same for other animals, like cats and dogs. The problem is that humans are not always aware of this, and might make their animals suffer from a broken heart or depression.

Yesterday I took Soraya out of the big paddock were she had made friends with another horse. I was concerned that she was eating too much grass, and preferred to put her back in the old paddock were she lives alone. The only company is the horse in the nearby fence.

Macchia is friendly with kids as well!

In a bad mood

This morning when I picked her up, she was in a strange mood. She kept her ears backwards all the way to the saddlery, which is quite unusual for being her. The owner of the equestrian center could tell me that last night she didn´t even touch her hay, and was only looking towards her friends in the big paddock.

I realized that she really missed her new friend, and I took her back to stay with him after the training session in the riding ground. She had worked well, and I realized that she wasn´t in a bad shape at all.

Back again

The first thing she did (just like I expected) was walking straight down the field to stay next to her friend. It´s a huge field, and if she didn´t appreciate friendship she could have gone to the other end of it.

Me and Giovanni (the owner) had to agree that horses living together in a large space with green grass are simply happy horses.


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