My horse has opened my eyes!

After doing so many adventourous rides with Soraya, I have started to explore more trails also by feet. She has opened my eyes to the valley!

An helicopter passing the Madonna statue!

Last week I finally went to see the statue «La madonna» above the Devil’s bridge in Lanzo. My father in law was one of the Alpine soldiers that actually brought her up on that steep mountain top carrying her in his arms!

La Blina

Afterwards I took a steep trail that lead me to the top of «La Blina». From there I found another trail that took me back to the feet of the Devil’s bridge, but from the other direction. It was a really nice walk, and of course Dakota followed me tightly.

Dakota looking down on Lanzo

Just before we reached the car, I heard a strange sound above us. I could see a mountain goat climbing up the rocks! So close to town is probably quite unusual?


Soraya hasn´t only made me discover new roads and trails. She has also led me on the right track in life.

I believe that if you find the perfect horse companion you will be able to reach your goals.

Now I am waiting for my horse trailer to arrive, as well as getting my license for bringing tourists around. This will make our adventures even more exciting in the future!

Me, Dakota and Soraya – dream team!

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