Tasting Barbaresco wine… in Barbaresco!

There’s nothing like tasting local products while traveling in Italy. Yesterday I was so lucky to see two beautiful towns: Neive and Barbaresco.

Naive is a charming little town in the middle of the vineyards.

I was in the area to watch my husband in a barrel race, while I realized that we were only 14 minutes away from Neive by car. After looking at all the horses racing around the barrels under the heating sun, it was a relief when Luca got his prize for second place in his category and we could leave the equestrian center.

Dakota posing in front of the winners! She loves to be in the middle…

Since our friends from the summer holidays had come all the way from Ivrea to meet us at the competition, we decided to take a touristic tour in the area afterwards. After driving around and around we finally found the town on top of the hill.

I have never seen so many vineyards and such a beautiful landscape before!

After walking around in Neive and letting the boys play soccer in the soccer ground, we managed to keep going towards Barbaresco. This is also a nice little town, but I found it less charming than Neive. We stopped in a small restaurant to taste the local food and of course, wine!

Expensive wine

I got a small glass of Barbaresco that cost 8 euros. This wine is really expensive compared to other local wine, since it comes from one of the best areas in the world. But it was really strong, and I didn´t dare to drive back home. Even if Luca was tired after his competition, he managed as always to get us back home!

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