Reaching the forties with joy….

Just think about it… about 100 years ago most people didn’t get past their mid-forties at all! Today the 40s it’s the new 30s, and this means a lot of new opportunities. And I must admit it. I´ve never felt more in shape than during the latest years!

Flowers from my mother in law!

Last Tuesday I became a member of the 40s as well. I am now looking at a web page that´s telling me how to get the most out of it. Let me take you through it:

1. Correct my course

Well, that´s a really good ideà! After following my blog, you might have noticed that I´m involved in awfully lots of different activities… “Am I fulfilled in my job, with my romantic life, my friendships? Is it time to re-evaluate?” Those are all important questions to look into.

Still married and still young 🙂

Since I´m living in a country where it´s hard, almost impossible, to find jobs, I am always searching for a solution. This is probably why I´m into so many projects at the same time. It´s time to narrow it down; my blog, horse riding and text writing. Maybe this year I´ll finally finish my book project???

I guess I have to be happy with the friendship part. Tomorrow I´m getting another visit from Norway, and Saturday I´ll make a big party for a lot of friends in the riding school. All Western style of course!

2. Visit my dream destination

This page says that I´m old enough to afford it and young enough to enjoy it. Well, I´m not rich yet, but I´m still feeling like in my 20s! I hope that this is the decade when I will re-visit Australia. It has passed 20 years since the first time I sat my feet in that red soil, and it´s about time to do it again!

3. Dress my age

Well, there we go! This is one of my biggest issues in life. What´s my style and how do I dress? It´s like my thousand projects, I like thousands of different styles! It´s so hard to choose… But I´m sticking to Western style while going horse riding (that´s a start!) and a sporty style during the day. When I go to town (Turin) I normally choose a more elegant style. In this way, I´m able to use all my clothes! But how on earth will I learn how to dress my age???

Desigual is still with me in my 40s! New jacket…

4. Train for something

Haha, that´s interesting! I am actually training for something… I am preparing me and my horse for the course we´re going to attend. I am training in the riding ground, while a small part of it is to get rid of my stomach fat 🙂 I am also trying to speed up my fat horse!

My second option is to start running. It will do me good, but it feels more like a torture. So maybe rather stick to mountain walking with the dogs?

Better mountain walking than running!

8. Eat at a Michelin restaurant

I decided to skip some points, they just didn´t fit my life style. Like hire a private plane, hire a personal stylist, support a case, flirt with confidence or get a suit… So I jumped straight to something I´ve discovered in my 30s: how to enjoy a great meal!

Beer and pizza

After all my horse riding trips to different restaurants, I have understood where you eat well and what is great food. Now I have a solid goal: I want to share this with others! This is my final goal for my 40s.

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