A Norwegian visit in Turin

Last week I received a very nice visit in Turin. The three Norwegian ladies are working with an Erasmus project in Norway.

Lena, Hege and Lise Lotte outside the famous Pepino ice cream bar

I am supposed to organize all the practical aspects of the same project when the students arrive. It’s about sending young people studying to become a chef or a waitress to gather some experience from Turin.

They are going to do some practical work in different restaurants in the area, and my job was to take the ladies around. We visited both the restaurants, the center of Turin and the surroundings.

The pink bike in Lanzo

They really loved to take a close look at Lanzo, the medieval town where I live. We got to see the different machines for pasta making in a historical bakery.

In the night we had a lovely dinner in Turin’s campsite, which actually is lying in the nearby commune called Moncalieri. The camping has a big wooden restaurant called Grinto, and we will use them as well for our project.

The second day we went to Venaria Reale to walk through the fantastic flower show in the King’s garden! We took the small train to make sure we visited every angle of this amazing place.

In the night I left the nice ladies on their own, but suggested them to try a real Aperitivo in town. It’s probably the cheapest way to have “dinner”, since you eat all that you want and pay for your drink!


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