From Lanzo to Pratorosso – Pilone del merlo – Cudine

As you can read in the headline, we’ve done a lot of exploration this time! An 8,5 hours ride including breaks was enough to make me really exhausted. Especially since we did a long ride yesterday as well…

The plan was to ride to “Il pilone del merlo” over Coassolo. That’s a rather short trip if you compare to going all the way to “Pratorosso”.

The long road

But since I am really curious when it comes to new and unknown places, I couldn’t resist when I saw the sign of the well known mountain called Pratorosso (It means Red field).

The flower that looks like paper

It used to be one of the favorite places for my father in law. He was a great mountain walker.

So instead of following the sign towards “Il pilone del Merlo”, me and Robbie decided to go exploring. Luckily I had brought with me a lot of food this time!

Lunch break 

A steep trail

It was a long ride, and the track was steep and quite difficult for the horses. But not bad! We walked almost all the way to the top, to make the horses rest as much as possible. They arrived dripping sweat on the top, so we just took off the saddles to make them dry.

We did it!

They walked around on the big field and just enjoyed being free. While the horses were grassing, we ate our lunch under the sun and studied the map. You might actually go to all the mountain tops nearby from this place. It’s all connected with beautiful trails.

Soraya is always hungry

But the trail we wanted to take in the way back was just too steep for the horses, so we needed to turn around and take the same way back.

After a long ride we arrived at “Il pilone del merlo”. We let the horses have a break before we took a rather difficult trail down towards Cudine.

Il pilone del Merlo

We gave the horses another break while drinking a cappuccino at the restaurant. The owner has got a mountain hut above Pratorosso, and we talked a lot about the different trails. I hope to be able to visit him once in the mountain.

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