Riding from Lanzo to La Cialma


I’m having some quiet days at home at the moment, so I’ve brought Soraya to our garden. In this way I’m able to take some nice rides in the mountains over Lanzo.

The view from the road

Soraya has put on some weight during the holidays. I’ve been away too long, and now it’s time for some attention and training again. She seems to enjoy staying with me and the dogs in the garden!


Yesterday we went to a mountain called La Cialma, where they keep the cows during summer time. The street was really long and rocky, so it was an exhausting trip. I’m never gonna take the same route!


Luckily we met some locals that had a nice mountain home which they wanted to show us. After looking into all the rooms, they offered us some cake and coffee.

On the way back we crossed the old bridge at Mulin Turcin, which is a very elegant restaurant that serves Sunday lunch. All the guests are so well dressed that it seems like they’re celebrating a wedding!

The elegant people didn’t move away from the tiny bridge, so we just had to start passing on horseback! Two elderly ladies kept standing in the middle, and Soraya almost walked over their sandals! I was scared to death!

I left the house 08.45 am in the morning and came back home 17.30 pm!

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