Knitting is difficult!

Knitting is more difficult than I remembered! I am taking a refreshing course during my stay in Norway.


Since I actually won a knitting set in the lottery a week ago, I took it as a sign. I’ve been wanting to start knitting my own sweather since I saw a friend knit in a café.

But I didn’t win enough wool for a whole sweather, so I decided to start practice with something smaller: hat and scarf…

Not so easy…

I thought that knitting a hat would be a peace of cake. I used to knit warm socks when I was 18, and everybody knows that knitting the heels is a bit tricky.

But firstly I had to learn how place stitches on knitting needles. I spent quite a bit of time learning how to do that! It’s obvious that learning new things in my age is harder than when I was 18!

Did you know that there are two different types of stitches? Right and wrong. This is where my problems started!

When I finally had done about three centimeters of the hat (even in two different colors!) I had to rip everything apart and start all over again.

I had done something so wrong while putting up stiches that it was impossible to keep knitting correctly! So I decided to be brave and keep working. The weather was so bad that it was better to stay inside anyway.


Then after the third try and two colors I had to rip up half of it again. I had lost several stitches on my way around the hat!

Finally I am on the right track, after having learned how to place stitches back on the knitting needles and getting some help (a lot actually..) to find back the fallen stitches.

I’ve realized that I’m not as skilled as I thought I was in this kind of work. But let’s just hope it is a lack of practice.

If not I will never be able to stroll around in the streets of Italy wearing my own dazzling sweather made out of the softest wool!

The final result!

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