An unusual warm Norwegian summer

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and now I’m enjoying the Norwegian summer. Yesterday we had more than 30 degrees, which is something really special.

Barbeque by the lake

We’ve been swimming in the sea and in the nearest lake. The water in the lake is more than 20 degrees, which allows you to take long swims. Some courageous people went even to the other side of the lake!

By the sea

Sea or lake?

The sea water is quite colder than the lake, but quite refreshing and so clean! We actually caught a small cod from the pier just before we went swimming.


Nothing can compare to the lake in the summer time. This is the place where everybody gathers to swim, talk, eat and get a tan. It’s the only time of the year when my little village has got more activity than the nearest town!

I just cannot get the same peace while swimming in the mediterranean sea in the touristic part of Italy. Growing up near a lake, you’ll seldom become a sea person. This year I’ve been lucky, since arriving during a period of warm weather is really like winning a lottery!


Mountain walking

I’ve managed to reach at least one mountain top so far. That is something that make me feel good! Looking at the nice colors on the ground while watching out for the dangerous adder is a normal part of it.



I also went to a lottery in the light house by the coast of Bremsnes. It was a special birthday where they collected money for a good sake. It was special to meet old friends that I haven’t seen for years.

One of the many places where you write in a book on the mountain top

Back in time

Being at your parents place during the summer time isn’t only easy and fun. You’re forced to face all the facts about your own family, not having your own car and thinking about the family and animals that are waiting at home.

But after some days you’ll get used to it, and it’s almost possible starting to relax…


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