A long ride to “La Madonna della Neve”

Since my son was still by the sea, I chose to enjoy my free time with a long ride to an amazing place: La madonna della neve!


I started out from Mathi this time, to meet Andrea further down the track. First of all we took a long break in a small village called Rocca.

Aperitif in the local cafe

A quiet and friendly town

The town is so quiet that nobody cared about the two dogs that followed the horses. Dakota could join me in the bar without a leash. That’s freedom for me!

Luckily we gave the horses some time to rest in the shadow, since the rest of the track from Rocca is quite steep.

As usual we could follow the trail of CAI, an organization in Lanzo that cleans and creates new trails in the whole area.

The view from the hill

After around 3 hours we reached the top. We had climbed some steep trails, but after the long trail ride in June, the horses didn’t hardly notice! Wow, aren’t they strong!?


We also met some people and dogs on the top. A woman was painting new decorations on the walls of the small chapel. She also tried to manage her rather angry little dog at the same time!

The artist working

My last memory

I still remember the last – and first – time I went to this hill. We were a big group of riders that went there together, even kids.  But we lost the road and we had to climb a very steep hill. One of the girls grabbed a branch over her head and just hang there while her horse kept running upwards!

This ride was much easier, thanks to the great job of CAI Lanzo!

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