Walking from Balme to the Green Lakes

«I laghi verdi» – The Green Lakes – is a place you should visit during your lifetime!

Me, Luca and Dakota were planning to visit the more typical lake: «Lago di Malciaussia» until a friend told us about the green lakes.

This particular name made us curious, and we went to the valley of Ceres instead of the valley of Viú! Our friend said it was an easy walk (he is a passionate mountain walker!) but we were shocked about how steep it is.

You will follow the river

We started out fresh and fast, but after a while we started to wonder if it was this steep all the way? And the answer is tes!

Amazing waterfalls

Luckily we are both in good shape, so we climbed the mountain until we reached the lakes. Dakota had no problems at all, taking refreshing baths in the river that we followed.

We had actually passed all the other mountain walkers while climbing the hill. There were all kind of families wanting to see those special lakes. We decided to have lunch on a big rock into the last lake.


I had big plans about taking a swim, but after putting the hand into the water, I changed my mind! Freezing cold! Maybe that is one of the reasons why the lake is so crystal clear!

Clear green water

The weather became quite grey and cloudy, and when we had just reached the car, the raindrops started to fall down. What a luck!

On the way back we drove straight into a rainstorm. It was really rough and it continued to follow us all the way back home.

This summer we there has been a lot of rain and thunderstorms, so this year there will not be a hay crisis like last year!

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