Just another nice ride in the hills

After the rather exhausting ride from Lanzo to Ca Bianca, the ride to our favourite restaurant in Cudine was just relaxing!

CAI has made a great track!

It’s not only my favourite restaurant. It’s also my favourite track in the hills. You hardly need to touch the asphalt, there are so many trails in the forest!

The ride from Mathi to Cudine to Fua and back through Balangero to Mathi takes about 4-5 hours on horseback.

The restaurant

»La osteria di campagna» is a great place where they let us tie up the horses just on the other side of the road while we might eat outdoors. In this way we can watch them while all the tourists and holiday people keep entering the restaurant.


Many of the city people wanted to pet my dog, but since she was growling against everybody I told them to pet the horses instead…


One of the reasons why I love to eat here, is that they always serve at least three apetizers before the two main plates. They use erbs and plants from the mountain.

Cake with ice cream

Then there is the dessert. It’s always delicious! When you’ve finished your lunch in a place like this, you just dream about the next visit!


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