Living on horseback

This week I’ve been more or less living on horseback! Since my son is by the sea with the rest of the family and my husband is working, I spent my time exploring the area!


Last Sunday I went on a long trail ride with two friends. Everything happened that day!

The angry man

First we wanted to stop in Lanzo for a coffee, but that meant trouble! There is actually an old man in town that hates horses, and he is always trying to chase us away.

Of course he was sitting outside the cafe. You’ll find him everywhere in town. When we came there with three horses, he just freaked out and started yelling! One of my friends escaped but the other tied up his horse and bought a cappuccino!

The old man ran after him into the bar and shouted out some really nasty words. In the meantime I had to clean up the horse poo of the other horse… Not a nice start of the day.

The main problem is that this man will continue to chase us away, which means that we’ll better go to other towns on horseback or try to talk to the police. It’s the only place where the horses are not welcome – thanks to one person.

Crossing “The Devil’s bridge”

Keep going!

After trying to forget about the terrible fight at the cafe, we kept going towards “La Blina”.  To get there, you’ll need somebody to open the gate to a private road. My friend has a house in that street, so it was an easy task!

A short break eating grass!

It’s also possible to take another trail, but it is much steeper. After going up this easy road, we started on the trail towards “Ca Bianca”.

A beautiful view

That was probably the roughest trail I’ve ever done on horseback, since you need to climb rocks and avoid falling down the hill! But the nature was stunning and the area was almost untouched.

Soraya searching for more food

We all arrived at the lunch place without falling down the mountain. But since one of the horses had lost a shoe, she started to have some trouble walking.

A long way back

Without knowing about this situation myself, we all agreed on taking another way back after lunch.

We went to the bridge of Villanova, after walking in the wrong direction for a while. That was because of a misunderstanding about where to go! But when we finally arrived at the equestrian center in Mathi, the Quarter horse had lost both shoes on the back feet and started limping.

Some more trouble

I managed to put Soraya’s jogging shoes on the horse, and the owner had to bring her back by feet.

The other horse, a trotter, had to stay over one night to get his power back. He wasn’t used to long rides. I promised to show him the way back the day after.

We actually spent 3 hours the next day to get him home. They live high up un the mountains of the Lanzo valleys. I decided to keep my horse in the garden after that. Only 2 more hours and we got back home!

Happy owner

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