A short and stunning visit to Apricale


I’ve actually been back from the seaside for a long period, but I would like to tell you about the small town “Apricale” that I visited during my holiday.

I didn’t even plan to go there, it just happened! A Norwegian friend and her Italian husband have got a flat in the neighbor town of Bordighera. They were going to take me and my son to Dolce Acqua, which is another beautiful town in the mountain. But when they realized that I had never been in Apricale, they decided to take me there for an appetizer!

The Ligurian Alps

We had to drive much further up than Dolce Aqcua, and after crossing a small bridge we could see this particular town built upon a mountain top. It looked like all the small houses clung on to the mountain and each other to not fall down! What a stunning sight!

From the top of the town

In the town center we found a nice square for taking an outdoor appetizer. The Golden Retriever called Luna (which means “the moon”) came with us as well. She didn´t like the other dogs walking nearby, so we needed to keep her close to our table.

Leonard found another blond kid that loved to play soccer, and that kept him busy the whole afternoon. They had actually put up a tall green net to stop the balls from falling down from the square!

The appetizer wasn´t that amazing… but Leonard got an interesting non-alcoholic drink that made up for it.


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