What is a swag?

After going trekking I’ve started to look for a swag. I got to know this incredible invention during my stay in Australia.

It’s actually a tent, mattress and sleeping bag all in one – that you can just roll together and bring with you wherever you go.

I’ve found a site where they sell the real stuff: See Swag online. Don’t ever go for the modernized version which looks like a low tent. The secret about the swag is the closeness to the “tent”, that you’re wrapped inside it. This is the secret which makes it feel so warm and protective during a night beside the camp fire.

At the same time it makes you feel like sleeping under the open sky (which you’re actually doing if it’s not raining and you need to cover your head).

I want to buy one since it’s so easy to put on the horse if you like to go for a longer ride. In this way I will not need to be scared about stopping because of bad weather or taking the wrong trail.

If you’re a fan of concerts or camping out in the wood, the swag is a great solution that will give you an incredible feeling of freedom. It’s nothing like being closed into a claustrophobic tent!


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