After the trip on horseback

You might be asking yourself what I’m doing now and what I’ve learned from this horseback experience.

Well, just after getting back home I went to the seaside. I needed some time to rest and to stay with my son. We are staying in a small town in Liguria where the pace of life is really relaxed!

Also Soraya was happy to get a break and just be grazing in the field for a week. Anyway my thoughts go to both my horse and my dogs every single day I am away.

Having animals is like having a family. They sometimes annoy you when you’re around and make you miss them when you go away! After almost two weeks away from my dogs I’m really looking forward to bring them for a swim in the river!

People relaxing on the rocks

Back to the trekking

I’ve learned some really important things that week. First of all I’ve got back my old patience. By sitting on a horse and not knowing where you’re actually going or when you will arrive teaches you to let go of time. The clock doesn’t matter, all that matters is to get to the next camp.

I did go on this trip to get my soul back. I knew it would be challenging and at the same time make me get in touch with nature again. I threw myself into it thinking that everything would work out well. And it did!

When you live a modern life surrounded by cars, people and technology it’s easy to loose the inner peace. It’s easy to create problems that doesn’t exist. To worry about stupid things.

The sound of the sea makes me relax

I find it harder after living in Italy for so long. Even if I live far from a big city, the traffic is really chaotic (at least compared to Norway!) and the rhythm of life is totally different from where I grew up.

I’ve also been trapped into a stressful situation between taking care of everything at home, just experiencing that there’s always more to do! My inner need for perfection isn’t helping me to relax.

I’m also good at creating too many projects at the same time. This is probably a sign of loosing the control of my own limits and sence of time.

Imperfection is the answer

During this trip I finally realized that imperfection and inner peace combined with physical exercise is exactly what you need to be happy. My main goal for the future is to learn to let go of all the unecessary stuff and focus more on the important things.

Leave the cellphone alone as much as possible, read and write a lot, start painting again, never try to make a huge kitchen garden (it has become a jungle!), spend more times with the dogs and bring my son into the nature.


In the end it’s easy to make these promises while staying by the sea. I know that as soon I’m back home there will be tons of work to get done.

But then I will think back to the week in the nature and remind myself about how easy life can be lived! And how stupid it is to become a perfectionist!


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