The sixth day: From Becetto to Pontechianale

We started out later than usual since the distance of the last day should be rather short and easy. I woke up early anyway thanks to the sound of the calfs.



It was a nice ride through cosy small towns. We even went through a market and the people stopped to watch us. It’s a very unusual sight to se a flock of horses and foals running around like this.

Soraya, Tempesta and Cherry


Afterwards we were following the rivers in the wood, crossing bridges and enjoying a fresh gallop in the field. Once one of the horses decided to cross the river on its own while the others were drinking by the riverside.


Two of the dogs followed the horse into the river, but got thrown around in the water and pulled down the river by the current in the water. Two riders managed to chase the horse back to the flock and the dogs swam back to the riverside. Luckily we didn’t loose anybody!


Later on we had a nice lunch break in a park before doing the last part of our tour. Aurelio told everybody about his horse experiences and I almost fell asleep on the grass. Many nights in a tent make you tired after a while!


Riding towards Pontechianale was a great ending of our story. We crossed the lake in the bottom and followed it on the left side until we reached the small town. 


Our friends from Mathi, Tonino and his wife, came back by car to party with us in the evening. We had dinner in the kitchen area of the camping site. This night we slept in a B&B, but still we needed to use the sleeping bags. The lady didn’t want to make the beds only for one night!


After dinner we moved our three horses into a soccer field with tall fences. I took a small bareback ride in the area before closing them in. In this fence my horse couldn’t escape and we didn’t need to tie them up.


But one of them managed to open a small gate that was closed from the opposite side of the fence and go into the other soccer field. I have no idea how they managed it! Luckily we discovered it before we went to sleep.

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