The fourth day: From San Secondo to Balma Boves

We left the camp site early in the morning to cross the valley of Pinerolo. We had to travel a fair bit in the traffic before we hit the old railway.


Breakfast in the camp site

Soraya was really keen to go this morning, maybe she was a but nervous after the hard ride the day before? To take it easy for a while I changed horse with Robbie. Tempesta is really relaxed, even if I kept another horse in a leash.

I didn’t know it yet, but the same horse actually became my best friend during the rest of the ride.

After some hours we reached an open place with a big field and a bar. In this way we could go to a normal restroom and drink a coffee. After some more hours under the sun, we ended up in Jessica’s home.

A break in the bar

Here we met the whole family that prepared a lunch in the backyard. We managed to place all the horses in their garden, and as usual divide them in two groups.

After a short lunch break we went into the bush and the hills. I actually walked next to the horse for an hour for a change.

In the afternoon we reached the mountain farm in Balma Boves. There we had a barbecue party with friends coming in from the neighborhood.


New riders and a shower

We had also got a visit of some new participants this day. Before I met the people in the party, I decided to take a shower in the waterfall nearby.


The houses under the rock near the waterfall were amazing. It has become a museum after being bought by the municipality. We met the former owner in  the farm where we had the party.

Just before bed time I managed to fall down like a sack of potatoes because my shoes had been hooked together while going to the loo! Luckily I didn’t hurt neither myself or the mobile phone!

I found it hard to sleep thanks to the bells that they put on some horses during night. But the view of famous mountain Monviso the next morning made me forget about it.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lucia Davalle says:

    Ciao Randy, Fantastico il modo in cui hai scritto di come hai rischiato di cadere alle balme, Like a sack of potatoes…. 😀
    Sei bravissima a scrivere, attendo con ansia le altre tappe! Un abbraccio… Lucia


    1. Randi says:

      Thanks Lucia!!!


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