The fifth day: From Balma Bove to Becetto

Thursday we went from Balma Boves to the top of a mountain called “Colle del prete” – 1540 meters high!


Soraya in front of Monviso

I woke up to the view of Soraya in front of Monviso, which made me get back some energy.

This was the most beautiful ride in the mountain so far. The road wasn’t too steep and the horses were in great shape.

Horses everywhere!

We had lunch on the top of the mountain. One of the horses and some of us had brought a bunch of sandwiches.

Andrea was supposed to keep the sandwich horse on a leash, but he got annoyed and let him loose!

Still all the sandwiches arrived, more or less inside the cover. We left the horses in the field to let them enjoy the best type of grass they probably ever tasted!

After a long break we went down the hill to reach the destination called Becetto.

There we saw some beautiful black Merens horses, many cows and big pigs.

After letting the horses into the paddocks, we went to have aperitif in the camp site. Since we camped close to the cows, there were thousands of flies competing with us about the food! But after some days in the bush, you don’t bother about those small details anymore.

It’s all about surviving!

To make the evening complete, I even took a shower under the water bucket of the horses… Actually we were going to move it down to the place where we had tied them up for the night. While going down the paddock I slipped in the mud and got all the water over my back! 

After that cold shower I also experienced a rather cold night in the tent. Luckily I had a heavy cowboy jacket to cover my thin sleeping bag! Just before going to bed I had warmed my feet over a small fireplace that the kids had made for fun!

I’ve totally forgotten to mention that a bunch of kids followed us the whole way. They came with the small van and slept in their own tents together with their dogs. I guess they had a lot of fun!

Around 4 o’clock in the morning I wake up to the sound of the calfs calling out for food! They make an incredible noise, much worse than the horse’s bells!

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  1. valentina says:

    è verooooo i vitelli facevano piu’ rumore delle campane…io mi sono alzata con la luna storta e ..poveraccio Roberto.. ho incontrato lui x primo quella mattina..sorry!


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