The third day: From Giaveno to San Secondo (Pinerolo)

This was probably the hardest day for all of us. Passing through Cumiano we chose the wrong track in the mountain…

Soraya making best friends

Around 4 o’clock in the morning I woke up to the sound of hoofs galloping. I went out of the tent, but it was still a bit dark and hard to see the horses. I didn’t see any blonde horse in the paddock, but since everything was so quiet around me I went back to sleep.

An hour later I woke up by Robbie talking nervously to Andrea about the missing horses. Our horses of course!

The sound I heard earlier was actually the three of them running through and destroying all the fences and escaping into the fields! Luckily the other horse flock remained inside the open paddock.

After picking them up in the high grass we started to saddle up and get ready for a longer distance. We still didn’t know what was waiting for us…

After a long break from 11 to 15 we started to walk towards the mountains. We had lunch near a camp site and restaurant and it was great being able to use a normal toilet again!

Lunch time

We climbed a very long and steep track, absolutely the hardest one I’ve ever seen on horse back. When we were almost in the top William realized that we had tsken the wrong one! We had to walk diwn by feet to the bottom and then ride back up half way before finally finding the right trail.

The steep trails

The horses were devastated and I thought the heart of Soraya would explode at some point. But she kept going strong and surprised me. Never underestimate a Haflinger!!

Tempesta was really tired and I kept her on a leash for some kilometers. It’s the first time I rode with two horses, and it’s quite a challenge to manage it! But they behaved well together, since they’re used to stay close.

After the mountain we let the horses drink a bit. One of the less trained horses just fell on the ground and seemed death! But after 5 minutes he got back up, after having scared the poor owner and the rest of us!

Then we had to follow the main road for an kilometer, with some cars helping us to stop the traffic. It was getting dark, and the foals ran around in many directions.

Luckily we got off the big road just when it got darker, and we followed the car of the Alpini (mountain soldiers). After a while I jumped in the back of the pickup and kept Soraya on a leash behind it.

Tents under the roof

We actually had dinner after midnight, while the horses had a huge meal to get back in shape. Let’s just hope that the next ride will be a bit easier for all of us!


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