The second day: From Druento to Giaveno


What a fantastic day!!! The dream holiday on horseback has started… nothing more to say about that!

Just to sum up what I’ discovered together with Soraya today; after a 5 hour long ride we ended up swimming in the lake of Avigliana!

It’s the first time I’ve taken a bath with my own horse. By using a piece of melon I managed to get her into the lake.

Then the other girls came to swim with their horses as well, but in the end I was the only rider who made my horse swim for real. So funny feeling!

We went through a lot of beautiful tracks, and it was interesting and amazing to bring the horses and foals with us as well. You just need to experience it to understand the beauty of it!

Only 1 1/2 hours after parting from the lake of Avigliana we reached the final camp site. We just left the horses go grassing for free, and we soon realized that they allready have their own groups.

Soraya, Tempesta and Cherry are bounded together and stay in the same fence during night. They’re just so cute together!

I even managed to take a fresh bath in the river where we’re sited. In this way I could wash away the dirty water from the lake!

In the evening we ate a great dinner made by the young female chef. Afterwards we’ve been chatting until midnight, and even listening to live music while watching the horses grassing. The first day in paradise…

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