First day: From Lanzo to Druento

The first day of our trip became a marvelous ride through woods and bushland, as well as long fields where the horses could run as fast as possible!

Starting from Lanzo

I’m quite sure that the 3 hour ride to Druento was the most exciting ride of the week. Except the variety in the nature, we also met a lot of animals and other riders on our way.


It started with Andrea when his horse «Cherry» almost squeezed a hare in the grass. Shortly after I observed an adder that crawled next to my horse. But he disappeared into the grass after a short while.

After passing the small towns of Cafasse and Monasterolo we could feel a terrible smell. It came from the chicken farm nearby! Shortly after we came over a deer  that jumped out of the grass just between our horses.

Flower power! Cherry and Andrea

After some more nice trails we met a flock of white cows near the river. We could also hear some strange music and the sound of frogs! Either it was a Shaman playing for himself or it was a frog hunter trying to catch them with his drums!

A bit later we met a flock of sheep. The Maremman sheepdogs kept them safe from wolfs. They didn’t care about us at all!

After some galloping in the fields we met a wolf! (Actually it was only a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, but it looks great in the picture!)

Soraya and the wolf

Just before we reached the ranch called El Pueblo we met another group of riders and their horses. Soraya always start to neigh when this happens. She also talks with me during the trip. Who knows what she’s saying?

After putting the horses into the stable, we had a nice lunch outside. Marco, the boss, is renovating the riding school and unluckily the swimming pool isn’t open yet. El Pueblo is one of the nicest equestrian centers in the area.

Lunch in the equestrian center

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