What to remember before a long ride…


I’ve been terribly busy lately while getting   everything ready for the long ride. There are so many small details to remember!

On the way to my house

Preparing yourself for a long ride isn’t only thinking about yourself, but also your horse and your travel mates.

I’ve packed a special bag for Soraya with her beautybag, extra saddle blanket, jogging shoes, extra bridle, reins and halter.

I have a saddle bag full of necessarities, like insect spray for both of us, some biscuits, water, rainwear, gloves and bandages.

Getting ready together

Getting ready isn’t only about what you’ve got in the suitcase. (I’ve brought a lot of warm clothes and comfortable pants. I even put two Italian books into it, just in case I should get bored in the evening!)

Getting ready is also about making your horse ready. I believe Soraya is strong enough for the trip, since I’ve tried to ride her as often as possible the last month. But she has put on weight by escaping her fence and eat loads of green grass…

I also had to put shoes on her front feet, since she’s only standing in a soft paddock andthe hoofs became really sensitive. I cannot risk that she cannot walk properly during a trekking like this.

The start

The tour started today! I had to bring Soraya home, since we’ll leave tomorrow at 08.30 in the morning. Robbie and Tempesta are coming to pick me up and then we’ll meet Andrea and Cherry in Cafasse. He’ll be our guide on the way to El Pueblo, which is a ranch/ riding school in Druento.

Robbie and Tempesta ready to go!

We’ll arrive for lunch and eat there before we go back home. Today we left all the luggage and camping gear in La Mandria. Monday morning we just need to go to Druento by car and saddle up the horses. There we’ll wait for the whole group to arrive, since they will pass by us anyway.

We’re actually spending two days just to be able to meet the rest of the bunch. But in this way the holiday seems longer! The biggest challenge was to leave the riding school.

The challenge

A group of drunk men (without shirts!) tried to drag me off the horse to make me join the party in the barbeque area. I managed to escape, but then the dog followed me and I had to return. After a while I got rid of both the dog and the drunk people!

Follow my blog to discover the trip with me! Pomtechianale – here we come!!

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