Back in the park of La Mandria

Today we decided to go biking in the park of La Mandria. The weather is finally becoming better after a lot of terrifying  thunder storms.

Watching the horses grazing 

You can’t go very fast while biking with a child. We stopped to have lunch after only 500 meters while watching the birds and the fish in the lake. Later on we even saw a snake that crossed the road!

La Vittoria

After lunch we went to the farm La Vittoria which is located in the middle of the park. There we took a look at the horses and ate an ice cream. These are actually the same horses that will come along during the trekking on horseback that will begin the 18th of June.

Mares and foals 


At the moment some of these horses are taking people around in the park, but soon they will be bringing people to the foot of Monviso. That’s actually the famous mountain that inspired the Paramount logo, and it is the highest peak in the Cottian Alps.

The horse carriage

In the farm I met the couple that arranges the trekking. They were busy with horse riding. I also met my friend Tonino that often drives the horse carriage in the park. It’s being pulled by two strong TPR horses. That’s an Italian breed.

Tonino in the carriage 

Luckily we got home without loosing the bikes that were fastened behind the car. The bicycle racks didn’t seem very stabile, but it stayed on! If you’re not able to bring your own bike, it’s also possible to rent one inside the park.

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